With data driven decision making for optimal results.

Treat Running Injury

Running injuries are complex and difficult to treat. However, Run3D's scientific approach takes away any guesswork and enables us to provide you with evidence-based treatment methods and data-driven recommendations to ensure targeted and effective recovery.

Using our advanced 3D gait analysis, musculoskeletal testing and retraining platforms, we can accurately identify the underlying causes of your injury, and deliver a successful and long-term treatment plan.

A Run3D assessment marks the beginning of your journey back to running. Trust in our approach as we accurately measure every detail of your biomechanics for informed decision making and optimal results.

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Reduce Injury Risk

74% of runners get injured each year, due to training errors and musculoskeletal overload.

Run3D's advanced 3D gait analysis, objective musculoskeletal testing and cutting-edge retraining platforms enable us to accurately quantify abnormal patterns in your gait and biomechanics. By analysing known injury risk factors, we can deliver data-driven interventions to optimise your movement patterns, reduce running injury risk and enhance your overall performance.

Trust our advanced technology and clinical expertise to guide you towards a safer, more efficient running experience.

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Run Faster

Run3D clinicians have the advanced technology required to critically evaluate all aspects of your running gait and musculoskeletal function. We see any biomechanical issues as opportunities to make improvements for better performance.

By using real data, measurable outcomes and objective results we can closely monitor the effectiveness of our interventions to ensure you are progressing in the way we expect.

Run3D's approach is grounded in scientific evidence and driven by your individual needs. With Run3D, you can experience the power of data driven advice to optimise your running and achieve your performance goals.

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The Run3D Pathway

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Patient Set-Up

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We attach 39 reflective markers to  your legs and shoes, positioned on specific anatomical landmarks.

Using exactly the same 3D motion capture technology as specialist orthopaedic hospitals and elite sports performance centres, our state-of-the-art cameras measure the position of these markers 200 times a second. We use this data to calculate precisely how your joints are moving as you walk and run.

A clinician places reflective markers on a patient's knee.

3D Gait Analysis

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You will walk or run on the treadmill and we quantify exactly how you are moving in real-time.

We accurately measure the 3D movements at your pelvis, hips, knees and ankles, and compare your results to a database of uninjured controls in real-time. This enables us to immediately identify any asymmetry and abnormal patterns in your gait.


Musculoskeletal Testing

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We carry-out a series of objective clinical tests to quantify your strength, range of motion, alignment and function.

By combining the results of your gait analysis and musculoskeletal tests, we have all the information we need to understand how and why your body is moving the way it is. This is the first step to our data-driven approach to your personal program.


Data Interpretation

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Our experts will review your report, using the information to fully understand your biomechanical function.

The Run3D solution enables us to understand the cause of your injury, which is the first step to an effective and long-term rehabilitation plan.


Treatment & Recovery

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The results of your assessment will be used to provide a data-driven plan and rehabilitation program. Each program is tailor made and specific to your individual needs. A treatment plan is recommended to help resolve your injuries and allow you to reach your goals.

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Run3D Technology

3D gait analysis is the most accurate assessment of walking and running available. At Run3D, we have harnessed this gold-standard biomechanical assessment, bringing it from the research lab to clinical practice.

Run3D's cutting-edge approach helps people with musculoskeletal conditions to move without pain. By precisely quantifying the way you move, we gain valuable insights that guide our customised treatment plans. With our technology-driven services, you can experience the benefits of this scientific breakthrough, enabling you to walk and run with confidence, comfort, and improved overall well-being.

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