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Struggling with a recurring running injury or knee pain that restricts your daily activity? See how Run3D's data-driven solution from The University of Oxford can help you feel better, run faster and move injury free.

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"Running can seem straightforward, but the key to enhancing performance may lie with some seriously high-end technology. Using 3D motion analysis, Run3D accurately identifies areas of weakness or unusual movements in your gait."

GQ Magazine
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"The ultimate in biomechanical analysis, using advanced technology to precisely measure the joint angles at your hips, knees and ankles in 3D."

Women's Running
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"Run3D – The best gait analysis in the world"

Runner's World
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"I haven’t mentioned it but I’ve been suffering with runner’s knee. After 30mins in the lab, Run3D haven’t just identified it they’ve told me what’s causing the problem. And that’s the first step to putting it right."

Triathlon 220
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"Run3D identified the cause of my injury, showing that I had lower shock absorbing qualities on my left foot, explaining why I had stress fractures. I now know what was causing me to get injured and am armed with the tools to rectify it."

The Run3D Pathway

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Patient Set-Up

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We attach small reflective markers to  your legs and shoes, positioned on specific anatomical landmarks.

Using the exact same technology as specialist orthopaedic hospitals and elite sports performance centres, our infrared cameras measure the position of these markers 200 times a second and use the data to create an accurate 3D model of you walking and running.


3D Gait Analysis

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You will walk or run on the treadmill and we quantify exactly how you are moving in real-time.

We accurately measure the 3D movements at your pelvis, hips, knees and ankles, and compare your results to a database of uninjured controls in real-time. This enables us to immediately identify any asymmetry and abnormal patterns in your gait.


Musculoskeletal Testing

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We carry-out a series of objective clinical tests to quantify your strength, range of motion, alignment and function.

By combining the results of your gait analysis and musculoskeletal tests, we have all the information we need to understand exactly how you are moving and why your body is moving in this way. This is of course the first step to our data-driven approach to your treatment programme.


Data Interpretation

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Our expert clinicians will review your report, using the information to fully understand your biomechanical function.

The Run3D solution enables us to understand the root-cause of your injury, which is the first step to an effective and long-term rehabilitation plan.


Treatment & Recovery

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The results of your assessment will be used to provide a data-driven plan and rehabilitation programme.Each rehabilitation programme is tailor made and specific to your individual needs, which is based on the results of your assessment. A treatment plan will be made to resolve your injuries and reach your goals.

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