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Creating marginal gains for better performance


The principal of marginal gains is based on making small incremental improvements, which result in significant advances when they are added together.

Run3D clinics have the advanced technology that is required to critically evaluate all aspects of your running gait and musculoskeletal function with the same precision and rigour that is usually reserved for the sporting elite.

Once we have identified your biomechanical issues, we can deliver data-driven advice for addressing them and improving performance.

Our Technology

How we can help

Quantified outcomes

We quantify your 3D joint movement using the most advanced technology available.  

We use the results to identify any issues and then improve your running gait for injury-free, more efficient and faster running.

Musculoskeletal test

Your strength, flexibility, alignment, stability and function are all measured objectively.

We correctly identify any deficiencies and asymmetries in your musculoskeletal system and address these issues appropriately.

Gait retraining

Gait re-education can improve running efficiency and reduce injury-risk.

Our real-time gait analysis enables us to monitor the efficacy of retraining and critically evaluate the outcomes of our advice.

Monitor progress

Using real data and measurable outcomes we monitor the effectiveness of everything we do.

Our platforms provide us with a fool-proof way of assessing your progress, ensuring our goals are achieved throughout the process.

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Case Study

Elite female athlete (27 years) unable to train at full capacity due to persistent and reoccurring right-sided pain.

Run3D assessment revealed fore-foot strike landing and no heel contact on right, leading to high pelvic rotation and hip adduction. Gait retraining and targeted rehabilitation was advised.

Patient recorded 10-minute PB in the marathon and earned a GB vest within 1-year.

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