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Run3D's Approach

A running injury is complicated, caused by a combination of underlying problems unique to you. Successfully treating a running injury is equally complex. It requires identifying what caused it in the first place and, as constant accounts of re-occurring problems and failed treatments testify, this isn't easy.

Most clinics don't have the advanced equipment that is needed to treat a running injury with the meticulous and rigorous approach it requires.

Run3D was developed by scientists at the University of Oxford. Using our state-of-the-art technology and scientifically-grounded protocols, we will treat you and your injury with the attention to detail that is required for a successful return to running.

Our Technology

Running Injuries We Treat

Foot & Ankle

We treat a wide-range of running-related injuries affecting the foot and ankle, including:

* Plantar fasciitis
* Achillies tendinopathy
* Metatarsalgia
* Tibialis posterior tendinopathy

Knee & Lower Leg

Some of the most common running-related injuries occur at the knee. We can help treat:

* Patellofemoral pain
* Iliotibial band syndrome
* MTSS (shin-splints)
* Calf pain & recurring strains

Hip & Pelvis

Hip and pelvic pain can affect both experienced and novice runners. We can help treat:

* Hamstring pain
* Piriformis syndrome
* Gluteal & groin pain
* Hip bursitis


Using real-time technology to identify problems with your running and making immediate, effective, changes to run better.

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Case Study

Recreational runner (47 years) with chronic bilateral calf and Achilles pain. Previous treatment (including soft tissue massage and Physiotherapy) had been unsuccessful.

Run3D assessment revealed excessive plantar-flexion at toe-off and an ankle dominant gait pattern, caused by the position of his pelvis. He underwent a 5-session gait retraining programme at Run3D to address the underlying problem.

After gait retraining, he was able to maintain the new running pattern unprompted and run pain free.

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