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Bringing real gait analysis to everyone

Our World

We are an Oxford University company with science at our core, application in our minds and patient well-being in our hearts.

Our vision is to bring the gold-standard of motion capture technology to everyday clinical practice for the benefit of all. We're innovative, collaborative, compassionate, extraordinary.

We bring real science to everyone.

Our Values


We bring the benefits of accurate and objective 3D movement analysis to the people who require them the most.

Informed by evidence. Driven by clinical demand. Inspired by patients. We bring real science to real people.    


Driven by the expertise of our unique network of clinical and academic partners, we celebrate and actively nurture our user-community.

We listen, we respond, we innovate and through these collaborations does excellence thrive.


Motivated by the ambition to help others walk and run without pain, Run3D people care.

Scientifically-grounded yet patient-focussed, we exist to bring gold-standard technology into the real world for the benefit of all.    


Our journey is extraordinary.

In making our vision a reality, we collaborate with world-leaders, win prestigious awards and work alongside inspiring people. As Run3D advances, so do our aspirations and the journey continues.

Our People

Dr. Jessica Leitch

Founder & CEO

Andrea Ross

Clinical Lead & Physiotherapist

Ken Hoye

Support & Technical Lead

Stephen Anidjah

Sales Director

Alex Horn

Research & Development Lead

Ben Anidjah

Customer Relations

Mr Trevor Prior

Director & Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

Lucius Cary


Mr David Bruce

Director & Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr. Bijan Kiani

US Partner

Geoffrey Zhang

CEO at Run3D China

Chenjie Ma

Director at Run3D China

Jeff Morgan

US Associate

Nick Knight

Advisory Board Member

Our Partners

Associates and Funding Bodies

We are an Oxford University company, with science at our core and patient well-being in our hearts. Our visions are supported by science, innovation and research councils and we have won prestigious awards including InnovateUK and the Knowledge Transfer Network. We work closely with Vicon - the world leaders in motion capture technology.

Research Partnerships

Our academic and research collaborations help drive our innovation and clinical application. On-going projects include using Run3D to monitor gait in patients following knee replacement surgery and using AI to better understand the mechanisms of musculoskeletal pain.

Work With Us

Our unique network of clinical and academic partners is what sets us apart.

If you are interested in learning more and exploring opportunities for working together, please contact us directly.

We welcome enquiries from clinicians, academics, researchers and students.

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Our Journey

Run3D was founded by Dr. Jessica Leitch in 2012 as a spin-out company from The University of Oxford.  After investigating the biomechanics of running injuries, her vision was to bring the same gold-standard 3D motion analysis technology that was used in research into the real world.  
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