The Run3D Journey

Driving a new era of clinical gait analysis technology

Our vision was to bring the gold-standard of motion analysis technology our of the research lab and put it into the real world for the benefit of real people. In Run3D we have achieved this goal.

Run3D was was founded by Dr. Jessica Leitch in 2012 as a spin-out company from The University of Oxford.  Having completed her D.Phil. investigating the biomechanics of running related injuries at the world-leading Oxford Gait Laboratory, Jessica’s vision was to bring the same gold-standard 3D motion analysis technology that she had used in her research into the real world.  

The Early Days

Funded by venture capital firm Oxford Technology Management, the company’s humble beginnings saw Run3D’s two employees (Jessica and Andrea) offering a 3D gait analysis service to injured runners from a small clinic located at Oxford’s renowned Iffley Road running track.  

After proving the concept and demonstrating that 3D gait analysis in everyday clinical practice was in fact feasible, Run3D partnered with motion capture company Motekforce-Link and won an InnovateUK award to facilitate the development of a commercially viable real-time 3D gait analysis solution.

From Concept to Creation

By combining the company’s technical expertise with the clinical input of early customers, including Mr Trevor Prior (Premier Podiatry) and Nick Knight (NKActive), Run3D succeeded in creating the scientifically grounded yet clinically practicable product that is so highly valued today.

Where We Are Now

Our underlying ethos of driving innovation through collaboration continues and Run3D’s dynamic user-community brings together a unique mix of academic and clinical professionals whose expertise inspire future development.

As we continue to grow globally, we are driving a new era of clinical motion analysis, enabling clinicians and their patients to benefit from gold-standard technology that was until recently reserved for academic institutions and specialist orthopaedic hospitals.

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Additional news articles

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