Run3D UGM 2022

Run3D held its annual User Group Meeting in September in Balliol College at Oxford University.

Earlier this month, we held our annual User Group Meeting at Oxford University in Balliol College. These meetings are an opportunity for our clinical partners to come together to learn about new and exciting innovations in 3D gait analysis, as well as network with their industry peers. Every year we build on these meetings to cater to our growing Run3D family, and this year we managed to have the largest turnout to enjoy our full day agenda.

The day started off with an insightful presentation from our longest standing Run3D user, Trevor Prior on case studies called ' Think Outside The Box'. This was followed by an interactive discussion led by our very own Ken Hoye and Trevor Prior to allow clinicians to discuss topics and engage in insightful debates. Next, Noel Thatcher, MBE MSCP, gave us a presentation on Running Biomehanics and Pain from the point of view of a Physiotherapists' journey - which was enlightening to a group largely made up of podiatrists!

Following a tasty lunch from the Balliol College Dining Hall, Mr. Blake Sergeant from The HIVE gave us a presentation about business management titled ' Do you know the score?". After this, Dr. Stuart Millar, from Queen Mary University, presented on Run3D Research which the group all found very intriguing. Our final presentation for the day was by Nick Knight, Podiatrist and Owner of NKActive on a presentation title 'So much more than gait analysis'.

After a long, but educational day, everyone was tired and grateful for the finale of ice cream and awards on the lawn of the college. After a brief break to freshen up, we all returned to the college for a tour around oxford, drinks reception, and dinner back in Balliol College.

Overall, the meeting was a success and we can't wait to see what exciting additions we will bring to 2023 UGM.

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