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How Walk3D can help

Evidence shows that gait analysis and retraining are powerful and effective interventions for helping people walk pain-free.

Walk3D accurately measures the way you walk and identifies unusual patterns in your gait. This valuable information is used by our clinicians to optimise your rehabilitation and provide data-driven treatment advice.

Walk3D can also be used to quantify the impact of an intervention, monitor progress over time and help you return to activity following surgery.

Our Technology

Conditions we treat

Foot & ankle pain

We can quantify the effects of footwear and treat:

* Plantar fasciitis
* Metatarsalgia
* Achilles pain
* Undiagnosed foot pain

Knee & low-leg pain

We can help treat common and debilitating conditions, including:

* Knee osteoarthritis
* Patellofemoral pain
* Iliotibial band syndrome
* Calf pain/tightness

Hip & pelvis pain

Our Walk3D platforms can help treat conditions including:

* Hip osteoarthritis
* Greater trochanteric bursitis
* Piriformis syndrome
* Low back & groin pain

Post-surgery rehabilitation

Our Walk3D gait analysis and retraining platforms can help you return to activity after knee or hip replacement surgery.

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Case Study

Patient (55 years) who was unable to walk without pain.

Several unsuccessful tests had been conducted over the past 3-years, including chronic pain assessments and MRI.

Following a Walk3D assessment, which revealed abnormal patterns in her walking gait, she was given a targeted rehabilitation programme, focussing on the specific areas that had been revealed by Walk3D.

After 6-weeks, she had regained mobility and was able to carry-out daily activities pain-free.

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