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South West Podiatry

From complex foot and ankle pain to general foot care, we use specialist treatments such as: Advanced MSK + 3D Gait Analysis, MSK Analysis, Shockwave Therapy, Soft Tissue Mobilisation, pressure analysis, steroid injections, and Orthotic therapy in order to manage painful foot and ankle conditions. Our team of specialists provide the highest level of care, with a special interest in musculoskeletal and sports related injuries of the foot and ankle.

Type of clinic: Musculoskeletal Foot & Ankle clinic

Lead clinicians:

  • Liam McManus, BSc (HONS) Podiatry
  • Tom Walton, MSc, BSc (HONS) Podiatry

Specialist interests: Musculoskeletal Foot & Ankle Concerns, Sports Injury, 3D running assessment, 3D Walking Assessment, Diagnostic imaging, Injection Therapy, Shockwave Therapy

Suitable for: Runners with Pain, Runners without pain, Walking assessments, Foot pain, Ankle pain, knee pain.


12 Smiths Yard, Summerley St SW18 4HR

Phone number:
020 7164 6607
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