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3D motion capture is the gold-standard upon which all other movement analysis technologies are judged. It has been used extensively in human movement research but has been limited to the laboratories of academic institutions. A Run3D system puts the world’s best gait analysis technology into everyday clinical use.

Our innovative software automatically compares patients to our database of gait mechanics and gives a real time feed of important parameters for walking or running. Run3D is easy to interpret and empowers you to give actionable insights on a patient’s mechanics while they are happening. Post-session summaries can be compared within the software to track how mechanics change with treatment, re-training, or footwear.

Run3D is a magnet that keeps you in contact with patients by engaging the local running community with the most relevant data for injury prevention and performance

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Gait retraining is an effective and long-term solution for common musculoskeletal overuse injuries. Our advanced real-time analysis enables us to replicate scientifically-validated gait retraining protocols for proven results.

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Obtaining accurate information about the effects of an intervention is fundamental to success. Our platforms instantly quantify the impact of different footwear, gait retraining, fatigue and surgical intervention.


Infrared technology accurately measures 3D joint angles in real-time, enabling us to quantify your biomechanics, recommend evidence-based treatment, monitor outcomes of intervention and assess progress over time.

Business models

We automatically quantify musculoskeletal risk-factors, enabling us to identify abnormal patterns in your running or walking gait and deliver the optimal treatment recommendations each and every time.

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Cost has always been the barrier in making 3D technology a reality in everyday treatment. Run3D’s innovative processes allow us to offer packages that limit and share the initial startup costs to make 3D gait analysis affordable for any clinic.

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"Obtaining accurate and relevant information on how our patients walk and run, and the effects of interventions has always been a challenge. Run3D makes 3D gait analysis technology a viable option in day-to-day clinical practice, bringing the research lab to the wider population. This has been one of the biggest advances to my clinical practice in over 30-years."

Mr Trevor Prior
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon.

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