Book Our Mobile Clinic

Introduce Run3D services at your clinic, club, or training facility

An added service

The Run3D system is portable and our team is ready to partner with you. Hosting our mobile clinic gives you the opportunity to see our system in action while offering 3D gait analysis to your patients and clients. A well organized event provides a unique experience and meaningful results that will appeal to both new and existing clients.

A competitive edge

Bringing Run3D to your running club or track team gives you that extra advantage in keeping your members healthy. Improving mechanics make runners more efficient and individualized programs based on each runners need makes training more effective. Contact us to schedule an exclusive event where your members get a Run3D analysis.

An attractive event

Run3D is a natural fit for any race or running festival. Let us know if you are interested in having us be part of your race day experience.

Run3D Enquiries

If you're interested in establishing Run3D at your own clinic or booking our mobile service, please contact us directly. We're happy to provide more information, answer your questions and set-up a virtual demonstration.

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