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Run3D brings the gold-standard of motion analysis technology into everyday clinical practice

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"Running can seem straightforward, but the key to enhancing performance may lie with some seriously high-end technology. Using 3D motion analysis, Run3D accurately identifies areas of weakness or unusual movements in your gait."

GQ Magazine
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"The ultimate in biomechanical analysis, using advanced technology to precisely measure the joint angles at your hips, knees and ankles in 3D."

Women's Running
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"Run3D – The best gait analysis in the world"

Runner's World
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"I haven’t mentioned it but I’ve been suffering with runner’s knee. After 30mins in the lab, Run3D haven’t just identified it they’ve told me what’s causing the problem. And that’s the first step to putting it right."

Triathlon 220
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"Run3D identified the cause of my injury, showing that I had lower shock absorbing qualities on my left foot, explaining why I had stress fractures. I now know what was causing me to get injured and am armed with the tools to rectify it."

3D Gait Analysis

3D motion capture is the gold-standard upon which all other movement analysis technologies are compared. A Run3D system brings the proven science of 3D motion capture technology right into your clinic.

The high cost associated with 3D motion capture has been one of the barriers in the mass adoption of a technology that has a long history in human movement research but has been largely limited to the laboratories of academic institutions and private companies with large financial investments.

Run3D’s innovative processes allow us to offer packages that spread out and share the initial start-up costs to make 3D gait analysis affordable for any clinic.

The Run3D platform for wellness

Any company can sell you the hardware necessary to do 3D analysis, but it’s our innovative software that makes a Run3D system so special. Run3D software automates the data processing normally associated with 3D motion capture and gives you a real time feed of important gait parameters. Post-session summaries can be compared within the software to see how mechanics change between conditions like footwear or re-training as well as check patient progress through-out an intervention.

Run3D software empowers you by putting actionable insights into your hand the moment you want them. It’s like having your own bio-engineer on staff. Incorporating Run3D technology into your clinic allows you to stay in contact with your patients through opportunities for outreach into running populations to offer the most relevant data for injury prevention and performance and be a part of a runners team as theytrain.

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Run3D Enquiries

If you're interested in setting-up Run3D at your own clinic or booking our mobile service, please contact us directly. We're happy to provide more information, answer your questions and set-up a virtual demonstration.

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