Run3D Silver

Run3D Silver

Advanced 3D gait analysis to identify underlying issues

Run3D Core

What is it?
The assessment includes a medical history to discuss any musculoskeletal issues, your activity levels/training and your general health. This is followed by an objective 3D gait analysis of you walking/running on the treadmill.

Who is it for?
Injured runners or individuals with musculoskeletal conditions who are referred to us for gait analysis by another healthcare professional. In this assessment we assume that your referrer has already carried-out a musculoskeletal examination of your strength, flexibility, stability, function and alignment. Non-injured runners and triathletes who want an accurate assessment of their running gait to prevent injuries and improve running technique and performance.

What do I get?
A detailed report of your running gait highlighting biomechanical issues, movement asymmetries and performance indicators (if appropriate), which will be discussed with you. A 2D video (front and side) and 3D animation of you running/walking on the treadmill. A rehabilitation programme to address any issues identified. Running technique and performance advice, including a gait retraining trial if appropriate. Further treatment recommendations if necessary, which might include gait retaining.