Run3D Gold

Run3D Gold

Advanced 3D gait analysis to identify underlying issues

Run3D Plus

What is it?
The assessment includes a medical history to discuss any musculoskeletal issues, your activity levels/training and your general health. This is followed by a detailed and objective musculoskeletal assessment of your strength, flexibility, motor-control and stability and then a state-of-the-art 3D gait analysis of you walking/running on the treadmill. The results will be used to provide you with evidence-based recommendations, which might include exercise therapy, further treatment and gait retraining.

Who is it for?
Injured runners, especially those with re-occurring and/or persistent injuries. Individuals with musculoskeletal conditions. Non-Injured runners and triathletes who want a scientific approach to preventing injuries and improving performance.

What do I get?
A detailed report of your running gait and musculoskeletal function (strength, flexibility, stability, motor-control, alignment), identifying biomechanical issues, musculoskeletal deficits, asymmetries and performance indicators (if appropriate), which will be discussed with you. A 2D video (front and side) is captured and 3D animation of you running/walking on the treadmill can be viewed during the assessment. If appropriate, a rehabilitation programme to address any issues identified will be recommended. Running technique and performance advice, including a gait retraining trial if appropriate. Further treatment recommendations if necessary, which might include gait retaining.