Run3D For Triathletes

Run3D For Triathletes

Running at the end of a triathlon is very different from just running, as you are coming from two other activities affecting your posture, physiological state, and ability to use muscles correctly. In particular, running off the bike requires changing the position of your pelvis dramatically, which is not easy to do and the result is often reduced power output, decreased speed and excessive forces impacting on lower limb joints.

Luke Mckenzie

Professional long distance Triathlete Luke McKenzie having a Run3D gait analysis assessment at the Bosworth Clinic in Oxford.

  • Prolonged cycling bouts have been shown to decrease muscle activation in the lower limbs. It has also been shown that a large percentage of triathletes run 10% slower over the first 1km of the running portion of the event, compared to a normal 10km race.
  • Research has shown that approximately 75% of triathletes will sustain an injury whilst competing or training for a triathlon - of which 73% of these injuries are associated with running. It has been found that there is a correlation between injury risk and triathletes with less than 2 years of experience.
  • A Run3D gait analysis can help you identify movement patterns that are increasing your risk of injury during training and compromising your performance during racing. Our in-depth analysis will help to determine your stride patterns, pelvic position whilst running and manage other factors affecting both performance and risk of injury.
  • One of the main hurdles when coming off the bike into a run is changing from a prolonged seated position to an upright position. This requires control, mobility and awareness of your pelvic movements. This takes practice. Gait retraining can help to improve your running technique and ensure you are more aware of your body-position as you run. Translating these skills to running off the bike will lead to increased control, better technique and improved performance.
  • We will also soon be offering a triathlon specific “Off The Bike “ Run3D analysis, which will involve a brief period of time spent on a bike prior to the running assessment to determine your ability to adapt and control your pelvis. Contact Run3D Oxford for more information on clinics offering this assessment.

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