Run3D for Performance

Run3D for Performance

We see your biomechanical issues as opportunities to make improvements and create marginal gains for better performance.

The principle of marginal gains is all based on making small incremental improvements, which result in a significant improvement when they are all added together. The approach requires you to:

  • Critically review everything that influences your performance (e.g. training, recovery, nutrition, equipment, biomechanics etc.)
  • Identify all your weaknesses in each area, however small and insignificant these issues might seem.
  • Improve all these weaknesses (even if only by 1%) and the cumulative improvements could result in significant competitive gains.

The approach is simple, its implementation more complex and whilst we can’t evaluate everything to do with your running performance, we can certainly appraise some very vital components.

Run3D clinics have the advanced technology required to critically evaluate all aspects of your running gait and musculoskeletal function with the precision, rigour and attention to detail that is usually reserved for the sporting elite.

  • Our infrared cameras enable us to measure the three-dimensional movement at your joints 200 times a second and within 2 degrees of accuracy. Using this information we can identify and improve very subtle issues in your running gait that could be negatively affecting your performance and increasing your risk of injury. It is impossible to measure your gait this accurately using traditional video-based systems.
  • Our real-time gait analysis feature enables us to objectively monitor the efficacy of gait retraining advice immediately and as you are running so that we can critically evaluate the outcomes of our recommendations.
  • Your strength, flexibility, alignment, stability and function are all measured objectively so that we can correctly identify any deficiencies and asymmetries in your musculoskeletal system and address these issues appropriately.
  • We use real data, measureable outcomes and objective results so that we can monitor the effectiveness of everything we do. Unlike the subjective assessments carried-out at most clinics, our advanced technology provides us with a fool-proof way of monitoring your progress over time.