Run3D for New Runners

Run3D for New Runners

The best injury treatment is prevention. Start it right, from the beginning.

Have you been running for a while but are planning on taking on a new challenge or increasing your mileage? This is considered one of the biggest risk factors for an injury, classified as a training error, as you will be introducing more force and load to your joints without changing their ability to cope.

The two most important things to consider when starting out running are:

  • your ability to build your endurance
  • injury prevention

3D gait analysis can help to:

  • Improve your efficiency of your running style
  • Ensure you have the most appropriate footwear from the start
  • Help you to identify risk factors for an injury as you start to increase your mileage
  • Give training advice and rehabilitation/prevention programmes to use alongside your running.

Our 3D assessment will help to identify what movement patterns could be putting you at risk of injury such as excessive or reduced movements in your hips, knees and ankles. Our in-depth analysis will help us to determine if you have any musculature imbalances or inflexibly that should be addressed prior to taking on a running training programme.