Run3D for Injury

Run3D for Injury

Your return to running is our priority and we will treat your injury with the precision, care and attention to detail that is usually reserved for the sporting elite.

Diagnosing a musculoskeletal injury is easy. The short-term treatment of a musculoskeletal injury using pain-relief and rest is easy. However, successfully treating a musculoskeletal injury for long-standing results requires determining what caused it in the first place and, as constant accounts of re-occurring problems and failed physio treatments testify, this isn’t easy.

Run3D was developed by scientists from the University of Oxford and using our state-of-the-art technology and rigorous approach we will accurately determine the underlying causes of your injury. This information will enable us to deliver:

  • Evidence-based rehabilitation
  • Objective advice on running technique
  • Unbiased footwear recommendations
  • Quantified gait retraining
  • Proven injury prevention advice
  • Measureable performance recommendations
  • Quantified outcome measures so that we can precisely monitor your progress over time.

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