How Run3D Can Help

How Run3D Can Help

Run3D aims to help you by using objective and measurable data to identify injuries, improve performance, and make better running decisions

How Run3D Can Help

3D gait analysis is the most accurate assessment of running motion using a scientific approach to capture reliable and measureable information. Using infrared cameras to track positions of small reflective markers, we are able to precisely calculate joint angles to provide unparalleled insight into an individual’s running stride. The results are compared to a database of uninjured controls to quantify an individual’s injury risk, assess biomechanical efficiency and performance, recommend appropriate footwear and review biomechanical variables known to be affected in post-bike running.

Run3D for Injury
The incidence of running related injuries is extremely high. This is due to the repetitive nature of running and the result of excessive accumulation of ground reaction forces with every step. 3D gait analysis will help you to reduce your injury risk by identifying factors that could be compromising your movement patterns. If you already have an injury, 3D analysis can help to pinpoint the root cause to your problem so you can begin to effectively rehabilitate your injury.

Run3D for performance
Running performance and speed is a result of numerous factors working together. Run3D assessments can help to identify weaknesses and asymmetries influencing your running to help you make marginal gains in each area. Every percentage counts, and optimising your movement patterns could mean the difference between winning or losing.

Run3D for Triathletes
The best triathletes in the world, are great runners. Running off the bike is not an easy feat and can cause changes in your body position that can hinder performance and increase your risk of injury. A Run3D assessment can help you to determine if you have the appropriate strength and movement patterns to optimise one of the most important sections of your triathlon race.

Run3D for footwear
Running shoes are one of the only pieces of equipment that a runner uses and is therefore an important decision to make. There are so many different styles out there from barefoot shoes, minimalist, stability, and neutral to your even more eccentric styles, that encourage certain ways to run. 3D gait analysis can help to determine the best style of shoe for you.

Run3D for new Runners
Running is considered a very natural and easy sport for people to take up. However, what is usually missed out are some of the tools you need to have to prevent injuries and of course, get faster. A 3D gait analysis assessment can help you to determine if you are at risk of an injury based on your movement patterns, as well, how you can improve your running technique.