Gait Retraining

What is gait retraining? 

Run3D's newest feature is our ability to use real-time gait analysis. This means that we can see exactly what is happening with your kinematics almost at the same time that you do it! 

A lot of research has gone into the rehabilitation of specific running injuries over the last few decades. One of the main variables identified as an impacting factor is how we move. For both injury and performance purposes, optimising movement patterns, as well as identifying parameters that could be contributing to an injury risk, are key elements in any training regime.

Using real-time, we are able to recognise these specific movement patterns and assess if making changes to how you are running will impact them. This works in more ways than what is obvious. For example, there has been copious amounts of research on the effects of changing your running cadence. Something as simple as taking quicker steps can actually impact what is happening in all three planes of movement: transverse, frontal and sagittal. 

Can you change how you run? 

Yes you can! It does, however, take a lot of time, effort, mind power, and practice. This means focusing on specific cues even when going out to run on your own. Like any habit, your running style is something that is ingrained into your system - so changing it effectively can take quite a few months of practice. 

Can gait retraining improve my injury? 

Any change in how you are running is going to have some kind of impact on your body, big or small. Our main goal is to optimise your movement patterns and therefore increase your marginal gains in performance and reduce your injury risk. 

However, you can't simply just change how you are running without having repercussions somewhere else, which is why we help to ensure other processes are in place so those changes don't cause problems in a different area. Gait retraining requires a lot of practice over a generous period of time and appropriate training and rehabilitation work alongside it.

A Gait Retraining Assessment:

We recommend having an initial Run3D gait analysis assessment first to understand your movement patterns and identify if changes to your running would be beneficial. Contact your nearest Run3D clinic for more information.