About Run3D

Behind the Scenes...

The Straight Facts: 

Run3D Limited is a biotechnology spin-out company from The University of Oxford. The company was founded in 2012 by Dr. Jessica Bruce (nee Leitch), whose aim was to develop an affordable, easy-to-use yet scientifically accurate 3D gait analysis system that could be used by clinicians in day-to-day practice.We have since partnered with Dutch company Motekforce Link, integrating their pioneering, real-time technology into the Run3D system.

The People Behind Run3D  

Dr. Jessica Bruce ( nee Leitch)

Founder and Director of Run3D

Jessica is the founder of Run3d and the brains and driving force behind its development. She studied Biomechanical Engineering at the University of Oxford where she became invested in the more technical aspects of understanding problems. After completing this degree she decided to apply herself even further into the world of science. As a runner herself at Oxford, Jessica was drawn towards the gait lab and carried out her PhD in the Biomechanics of Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome in Runners. At the time, the gait lab was used strictly for research purposes and not readily accessible to the public. 3D gait analysis is known to be the most accurate and informative way of diagnosing, treating, and preventing injuries in runners/walkers - the question was why it wasn't being used for that? 

And so began the journey of Run3D. Through endless efforts of applications, grants, proposals etc, Jessica managed to create a private business as we know it today - Run3D. Starting in a an empty room at the Oxford University Roger Bannister Running Track, progressing to the very well known Bosworth Clinic in Cassington, Run3D is now available in several clinics across the UK...and growing! 

Interesting Facts About Jessica:

Why Run3D? Jessica's main aim for Run3D was to bring technology used in research to the 'real world' for the benefit of 'real people'. 

Running Distance: Best at long distances. But (annoyingly) really good at anything from 5km - Marathon.

Running Achievements: Guinness Book of World Record Running Buggy Marathon - Abingdon Marathon,  October 2015 - 3:15:52, Sub 3 hour Marathon 2007

Favorite Running Shoe: Mizuno Wave Riders

Jessica's Next Goal: The Double Buggy Marathon Record attempt


Andrea Bachand

Physiotherapist and Run3D Clinical Lead 

Andrea has been Run3D's Physiotherapist and Clinical Lead since the beginning of its time in the private sector. After completing her masters degree in physiotherapy in Glasgow, Andrea moved to Oxford in 2013 and has helped throughout Run3Ds development process. Andrea, a native Canadian, also has a BSc Kinesiology degree and has spent time working as a running injury research assistant at the Running Injury Clinic in Canada, where she gained experience in 3D gait analysis.  Having suffered through some fairly extensive running related injuries herself, Andrea was determined to find a solution to avoid these problems in the future, and more importantly, to help others do the same.

Andrea manages Run3D's flagship clinic in Oxford.

Interesting Facts about Andrea:

Why Run3D:  Andrea's initial experience with 3D gait analysis was when she was injured, and it helped her to get to the bottom of it. "Injuries are complicated, and finding the right source of the problem can often take months ( and months!) to figure out. This is a devastating time for a runner, of which I have unfortunately experienced first hand several times. To be able to get it right the first time, helps someone get back to doing what they love sooner, and smarter.  My mission is to help educate runners on how to reduce their risk of an injury, and if they do get one, what to do about it". 

Running Distance: 1/2 Marathon - Ultramarathon - but surprisingly has yet to race in an actual marathon! 

Running Achievements:  70.3 Ironman Staffordshire Triathlon 2016 - 5:36 (4th age group), 1:31 Half Marathon 2017

Favorite Running Shoe: Mizuno Wave Riders - she has about 4 pairs at any one time... 

Andrea's Next Goal: Lakeland Ultra-marathon 55km 


Ken Hoye

Sports Scientist & Massage Therapist - Run3D Sales/Marketing and Technical Support 

Ken is the newest member of Run3D and has an extensive background and experience in running, which has been a huge asset to our team. Ken works alongside Trevor Prior at Premier Podiatry in London and carries out assessments at his clinic, as well, he provides technical support for all Run3D clinics across the UK & Ireland. His background is a BSc Sport Science degree and after deciding he wanted to be more hands on in his work, has more recently qualified in LSSM Sports Remedial Massage Therapy. Before Run3D, Ken managed a Runnersworld running shop and worked for Saucony for several years - in both instances he used gait analysis and has become very experienced with it. 

Interesting Facts about Ken:

Why Run3D? Having worked with gait analysis throughout his career, Ken quickly recognised that 3D analysis was the best and most accurate assessment. Ken believes its greatest value is being able to find the underlying cause and not just treat the symptoms.

Running Distance: He likes to call himself a 10km runner ( because he's pretty good at it), but he has competed in anything from 60m - marathons, and lets be honest, does pretty well across the board! 

Running Achievements: 10km time 33:19  and for the first time pacing a marathon for sub 3 hours achieved 2:59:47. 

Favorite Running Shoe: Saucony Kinvara

Claim to Fame: Ken knows everyone and anyone that is important in running. If he hasn't met them ( or run with them), he knows someone who has. Lets just say the list is too long to post here... 

Ken's Next Goal: he hasn't told us yet, but we're certain he'll do it really, really, quickly.