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Can You Run Through Pregnancy?

May 07 2019, - by Andrea Ross

It used to be the protocol that when you found out you were pregnant, you were basically wrapped in bubble wrap and told not to move. Now, apart from the eating (and the obvious drinking) restrictions, the advice generally now is to stay as active as possible – within reason*. Why has the advice changed? Well, as with most of our medical advice from years ago our knowledge of everything has evolved (Hinman et al 2015). Remember when we used to put everyone on bed rest when there was something wrong with them? Now, they want you to move as much as possible. Research has told us that activity and fitness can help with most problems from depression to back pain (Stanton & Reaburn, 2014; Vanti et al 2017), so it's no surprise that the advice has changed for pregnancy too.  ..


Slow Down, Don't Stop

Sep 03 2018, - by Andrea Ross



Women's Running History

Mar 07 2018, - by Andrea Ross

March 8th 2018 is International Women’s Day, a global celebration of social, economical, cultural, and political achievements of women. In light of this day, we found some facts about the women’s running history to share with you. Did you know that the reason women were banned from running marathons before the 1970’s was because it was felt that long distance running was too strenuous and therefore harmful to women?! Pardon the eye roll  ..