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Marathon Kit List - How to Prepare for the 'Big Day'

Mar 26 2019, - by Andrea Ross

It's easy to make silly mistakes when you're training for a marathon, such as over-training, but when it comes to your kit make sure you make the right choices. It sounds like a simple thing, pick of a t-shirt, shorts, and a pair of shoes. Boom you're done. But there's a little bit more to it that than. We asked Ken Hoye, our resident sports scientist and veteran runner of all race distances, his thoughts on running kit and what to do.   ..


Against The Elements: by Anna Boniface

Oct 01 2018, - by Andrea Ross



All About Ken

Jul 18 2018, - by Andrea Ross

As much as we love telling you all about how to fix your running injuries and things you can do to improve, we also think its interesting to know what happens behind the scenes. Even more so perhaps, about the people who make Run3D tick. It may surprise you to find out that Run3D is actually a very small team of (specialist) people, covering a large range of skill sets and backgrounds, to keep us running efficiently and smoothly. One of our key team members is someone who we consider to be a bit of a dark horse in the world of running...his name is Ken, and he seems to know everyone and anyone that has to do with running.  ..


Lloyd Kempson Q&A

Jun 01 2018, - by Andrea Ross



Your Running Recipe

Oct 26 2017, - by Andrea Ross

Sometimes it might feel like running injures come out of nowhere... ..

Buggy Running

Sep 06 2017, - by Andrea Ross

About Jessica  ..


Why Do Runners Get Injured?

Aug 03 2017, - by Andrea Ross

Why do some runners get knee pain, and others calf, hip, or ankle pain? Some people get multiple areas of injuries, others none at all. Whats the deal? What determines what kind of injuries you get from running?  ..


How often should you replace your running shoes?

Jul 07 2017, - by Andrea Ross

How often do you replace your running shoes? More importantly, how do you know when to change them? Do you follow the guideline of 300-500 miles? Are old running shoes giving you injuries?  ..

Running Resolutions

Jan 01 2017, - by Andrea Ross

Its the beginning of the year and resolutions are on the forefront of everyones mind. A lot of you will be creating new running goals, challenges, and hopefully promises of good intentions to do things you know you're suppose to do, but don't. You might be starting off the new year injured - or swearing that this is the year that you won't get an injury. Either way, there are a few things that you may want to consider to make sure you're successful. Run3D's Physiotherapist, Andrea Bachand, has come up with a few suggestions:  ..