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Ultramarathons - Its not just about the ups, but the downs too

Jul 03 2017, - by Andrea Ross

Ultramarathons are a completely different to your normal running races. For starters, most of them tend to be on trails - and in this instance, in the Lake District, which is notoriously very hilly. They are also very far, a distance which is longer than a marathon, but thats really the only agreed upon definition.   ..


Rollin' Rollin' Rollin'

Dec 15 2016, - by Andrea Ross

The dreaded foam roller. The thing that everyone loves to hate. How is it possible that something so painful is supposed to help? MOST runners own a foam roller. However, about 90% of those owners will likely confess its permanent residence within their closet, stuffed behind things that area also probably never used. Lets get one thing straight - owning a foam roller and actually using it are NOT the same thing!  ..