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The Complete Gait Analysis Solution
Oxford University spin-out Run3D combines Vicon 3D motion capture technology with custom-built software, proven clinical service packages, a powerful brand and access to an exclusive community of pioneering clinicians.
About the Run3D System

Learn about the advanced features of our technology and how we can help you deliver an excellent, evidence-based and unique new service at your clinic.

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Build your Business with Run3D

Run3D presents an exciting business proposition to forward-thinking clinicians. Estimate the financial impact the system could have on your clinic.

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The Run3D Package

From on-site training to on-going support, we will provide you with everything you need to run a successful Run3D service at your clinic.

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Mr Trevor Prior
Consultant Podiatric Surgeon

Obtaining accurate and relevant information on how our patients walk and run and the effect of our interventions has always been a challenge. Run3D makes 3D gait analysis technology a viable option in day-to-day clinical practice; bringing the research laboratory to the wider population. This has been one of the biggest advances to my clinical practice in over 30 years and is relevant to anyone who wants to maintain their mobility, not just athletes.

About the Run3D System

Inspired by the success of gait retraining to treat lower-limb injuries, we have created a gait analysis system with the same accuracy as those used in retraining research, whilst also being robust, quick and easy to use.

Real-Time Gait Analysis

Run3D’s real-time feature will enable you to treat a wide-range of orthopaedic and musculoskeletal problems using highly-specialised and evidence-based gait retraining procedures.

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Quick & Easy to Use

Especially developed for clinicians working in busy clinical environments, we have designed an intuitive touch-screen interface with automated data processing and report generation at the touch of a button.

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Relevant Results

We work alongside leading Physiotherapists and Podiatrists to ensure that our system delivers the most clinically appropriate output measures for your purpose.

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Top Ten Reasons To Use Run3D 

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There's no question that 3D gait analysis using infrared technology is the gold-standard and this was our motivation for making it accessible to clinicians in day-to-day practice. We chose Vicon cameras because they're the most accurate on the market and developed our own custom-built software to take care of everything else.


Deliver the most appropriate rehabilitation each and every time, monitor the outcomes of treatment and assess progress over time by correctly measuring asymmetries and detrimental patterns in your client's gait. Run3D automatically extracts injury risk-factors and gait retraining parameters from the 3D joint kinematics and compares them to a database of uninjured controls, both in real-time and in the post-processed results. 

Gain further insight into a patient's function using our integrated musculo-skeletal test package. Measure muscle strength objectively using a Lafayette MMT, range of motion using an inclinometer and goniometers and record a wide range of functional and structural measurements. All measures are compared to our uninjured control database in the same way as the gait data.


Run3D is designed for use by clinicians working in busy clinical environments and not academics working in research labs. From our intuitive user interface to our fully automated data processing, a 3D gait assessment including patient preparation, data capture and report generation can be peformed in 30 minutes.


We have worked closely with our clinicians to develop bespoke packages for you to offer to your clients. With prices from £165 for our Silver Assessment and £295 for our Gold Assessment, you too can distinguish yourself from your competitors and deliver our unique, exclusive and high-end services at your clinic.


Our license fees have been set to reflect the prices you can charge your clients for our Run3D assessments. You only need to carry-out 0.84 Gold Assessments per week in order to break even on the cost of the Run3D system. Join our network of clinics who have used Run3D to successfully grow their businesses, improve their practices, attract new clients, generate revenue and distinguish themselves from their competitors.


Our dedication to you means that we will give you a generous area of exclusivity, within which we will not install another Run3D system. Take a look at the excitement we generated at The National Running Show this year - we recommend acting fast, before it is too late!


Our multi-discplinary team has intimate knowledge of both the clinical and technical aspects of Run3D. You will benefit from on-site training and on-going support throughout your partnership with us. Whether you need advice on interpreting a report or capturing a trial, we're here to help.


The Run3D community is a growing network of pioneering clinicians. New members will immediately benetfit from a knowledgeable, inclusive and supportive user group.


The Run3D system does not require a dedicated laboratory-sized space and fits alongside your existing treadmill, eliminating the need for costly extra space. We will advise on set-up to ensure it complements your current clinic layout.


Scientifically proven gait retraining applications require accurate and objective real-time feedback. This feature enables you to instantly see improvement in movement patterns and helps to ascertain whether goals have been accomplished.