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Build Your Business with Run3D

A cost-effective investment and exciting business proposition for forward-thinking clinicians

Clinical excellence is our priority and we believe that Run3D can improve patient outcomes by helping you to deliver evidence-based treatment that can be monitored in real-time and the long-term. However, any investment in a clinic must be cost-effective and we understand how important it is that our system has a positive impact on your business financially as well as clinically.

In this section you can learn more about our business proposition and estimate whether Run3D could have a positive financial impact on your business based on our recommended services. We also outline the marketing support we provide to help you make a success of Run3D at your clinic and list the contents of the Run3D Package.

Mr Nick Knight
NK Sports Podiatry

I have now had my Run3D system in operation for two months. I haven't done any advertising yet - I have been too busy - but I have seen my sales go up by £2,000 per month as a result of having the system. And these were both short months - December was short because of Christmas, and I was away for a week in January. And every time runners have a Run3D gait analysis, I see them again for follow-ups. So I am extremely happy with my Run3D system and I am pleased to have secured exclusivity for my area. It means that I can promote my system secure in the knowledge that there won't be a competitor in my area. Feb. 2017.